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help all the shadow priests !

Dear unlimited-wow crew,

ive been playing this servers 3 days ago and im really disapointment about the shadow priest in this server.
ive been wondering if this is a anti-shadow priest server? ive donated 150 euro yesterday cauze normally priests are one of the best classes in the wow 3.3.5a.
but in here i was shocked.

first of al :
devouring plague should be the strongest dot of a shadow priests thats why you can only use it on 1 player a time and it is dispel able also the instant damage at start is a joke could you please fix this is should be 15% of the total damage.
second :
There is a talent named empored renew this should also do 5% of the total amount instant, but when you click it nothing instant comes.
third :
The shield of a priest is most important in wow without it a priest dies quickly however in this server the other classes manage to brake the shield like the shield is make of plastic it should be harder to brake.

the rest i did not test i suggest you test the shadow priests compared to the other classes maybe do a litle 1vs1 arena yourself to look how weak it is at the moment. im not saying its verry weak but a priest should be one of the strongest pvp classes in shadowform.

im going on vacation now for 3 weeks, but was hoping with the amount i donated you could please fix the priest, thanx for the reading and the time and sorry for the bad english im from the dutch. when things go good i wil donate even more to help the server grew.

Greetings, oneloves the priest Heart

Hello, and sorry for a late response.

Take in consideration that we tend to nerf / buff some spells to make things more balanced.
Priests here are very strong for the current being,
Devouring plague got a bit of a change a while ago, we increased the dot damage, but decreased the ticks, overall its very strong.

Priest doesn't need any buffs for now, therefore we won't buff these spells that you suggested. However, thank you for the suggestions and the support.

Yours cincerely Kicker.
[Image: 0dATbFC.png]

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