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Turn in Daily Tokens Faster

I recently found an addon for auto turning in repeatable quests called TurnIn and found it much easier to convert Daily Tokens into Daily Master Tokens. 


This simple addon skips the clicking of all the quest and accepting the rewards and makes it into simple right clicks and speeds up the process of converting Daily Tokens into Daily Master tokens.

Once you install the addon and launch your game the first think you need to do is type:
/ti window
This command will bring up the following screen.

[Image: v0M4HTY.jpg]

Once this window is open you will need to find the following and check the box to the left of the selection.
Automatically add new NPCs.
Talk to the Daily Quest NPC and complete the Daily Token quest once this will save the Daily Quest npc's quests and allow you to automatically accept and turn in.
Once Daily Quest shows up in the menu you will need to check the box next to it as well. At the bottom of the window you will see all of his quests listed with check boxes and arrows to increase and decrease priority of each item.
Check both of the Daily Token options and move them to the highest priority as shown:

[Image: I9KrHLB.jpg]

Once your menu looks like this setup is complete you may close the window. 
The final step is to type the following command:
/ti on
This simply turns the addon on and allows you to auto complete quests.

This allows you to complete the quest on average 40 times a minute depending on how quickly you can right click on the NPC. This addon can also be configured to complete any quest in the game using similar methods.

Thanks for reading this guide and I hope it makes everyones life easier.
From Sinora with love.

Hell yes, that saves me loads of time.. thanks alot!

You know what we say about time..

[Image: 2m7c4n6.jpg]

this doesn't seem to work anymore :/ i could get it to auto complete the quest but not accept it

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