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Hello there fellow gamers,
I kinda wanna suggest so the donor players get a chance to transfer from one class to another ,
if they get bored of one class and wanna transfer there's no token for it sadly :(
Make it like 1 token per item or make both 1 token per item and full set token, thats my first one :D (donor only :P)

And if possible make like donor cape shirt and tabard :P
 I'd like to have like donor upgrade too but its probably never gonna happen so :P

And last not least is it possbile to get a vip command like heal, buff (all the buffs as npc) etc. so you dont have to go everytime to that npc :D

I hope for a quick or rather a positiv response regarding this topic :D


I agree with you on the class token though. Even though it probably gotta be handled manually by a GM due to the insane coding that would be required to be able to switch classes and the gear/items to follow. Which would lead to alot of wait time and bigger pressure on them.

Hello. That is simply not an option, and will not be an option in the future.
Thank you for the suggestion.

Damn thank you for your answers regardless Big Grin


Well what about like transfers for only donor gear and like 1 transfer every 3 months per acc and the token price make it like 20 dp Big Grin


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