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Scheduled weekly events

Dear UW community!

We have decided to start hosting planned and scheduled weekly events on certain days!
This schedule will come in effect this upcoming Friday (23rd February).

The schedule will be as follows:
- Friday - PvP event
- Sunday - Boss event

All these events will be hosted at 20:00 (8pm) server time.
We will let you know if an event is cancelled or postponed.

A PvP event could be anything from 1v1 to FFA, starter gear or full gear.
Each week we will alternate between these modes and gear types.

Stair, HnS and other fun events will be hosted randomly during offdays. We will try to make a different Stair/maze event everytime.
Feel free to comment with event ideas! Smile

Best regards,
Maxim UW

Friday 23rd February.

We are going to host a 1v1 PvP event later today, around 8:30pm server time (Starter gear only) I suggest you make a character with starter gear beforehand, or you could also use your main character but with starter gear only. ( No enchants, no gems, just your skill. )
[Image: 0dATbFC.png]

Sunday 25th February.

Greetings players! We will be hosting a boss event later today! At 8:00pm Server time, there will be t15 bosses and more fun, stay tuned!
[Image: 0dATbFC.png]

I am sorry to announce this, but the PvP event is canceled for today! (friday 2nd march)
[Image: 0dATbFC.png]

(Sunday 4th, march)

Greetings players! i want to remind you that there is going to be a boss Event later today! It will be held at 9:00pm Server time! Make sure to be online during that hour to participate.
[Image: 0dATbFC.png]

Hello players of Unlimited, there will be a Stair/T15 event hosted on the 11th of march! 8.00 PM GMT +1 (Server time).

- Be sure to join!

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