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PVE mage rotation.

Disclaimer: I am not saying that this is the best rotation, but I wasn't able to figure out a better one. If you know a better one, please feel free to comment your opinion here :}

Solo target: 
0) Buff yourself with Combustion, Icy Veins, Ice Barrier, Mana Shield, Molten Armor, use Mirror Image and Water Elemental.
1) Cast Pyroblast, while it flies cast Presence of Mind and cast second instant one.
If you're in PVP - cast Frostfire Bolt instead of the first Pyro.
1.5) Wait for a cooldown for Arcane Power to go off and use it as soon as you can.
2) Apply Living Bomb on your targets.
3) If Hot Streak buff proced - Use Pyro.
3.5) If Missile Barrage proced - Use Arcane Missiles.
The rotation from this point is repeating.
4) Cast FF bolt, until you have either of the procs from the above and use the according spells.

Good way to stop a big group of mobs is blizzard. IF you're not intersted in stopping them - use Dragon's Breath, since it will provide you with an instant Flamestrike. Blast Wave will also give you an instant Flamestrike, however it will pushe the targets back.
If Dragon's Breath and Blast wave are on cooldown - spam Blizzard.

- Glyph of Frostfire
- Glyph of Living Bomb
- Glyph of Arcane Missiles. 

Meta: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond (+3% to Crit Dmg)
Red: Runed Denist (+60000 SP)
2 Blue gems are required for Meta to work, so: Solid Denist (+20000 Stamina)

Swap Runed Denists for Mystic Denist (+80 Resil)

It's a pretty great guide, thumbs up! Smile

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