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Tier 12 Weaker than T11 for Mage


Wasnt sure if i should post it in "mage" or "general" forum but i decided here hope its okey! ;-)

Tier 12 set is weaker than t11. 
Let me explain: 
It increases health and haste kinda well, which ain't bad, but you almost removed all strength (325000 strength -> 1000 Strength = 325000x0.6 -> 1000x0.6 = 194400 spellpower less each item Exclamation ) compared to t11 but give mages a wand which converts Strength into Spellpower it also got slightly less spellpower on its own (10k less each piece) which wouldn't be alot, but both together decreases you way to much sadly.   Sad
Guess the problem should occure for every class which uses the wand (WL/Priest/Mage)

Greetings Caiis  Wink

Hello Caiis,

Thank you very much for your report. We will take a look in to that . If fix is required it will be done as soon as possible.
[Image: cropped_wnderland.jpg]

i think a good fix to have is to change the wand thing from strength to intellect. so caster bags wouldn't be useless.

Ain't that easy agittunc the strength passive is an existing skill of pala skill tree and it aint easy to make an own one i guess ;-)

true, but mage is super ultra mega bugged. when you put offset from your character to your bags you do more damage! put it back and you do even more damage! and then your dmg suck after 9 dmg meta's so.....

mage is super mega ultra bugged Big Grin

The bug with the crit dmg gems i can confirm the other one not^^

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