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Balance Classes

Hey all as Death Knight , Paladin , Warrior , Rogue , Shaman , Warlock , Druid 
I'd Like Buff Mage and Priest and Nerf some Heal Spells 

I preffer play a server where all are good at their damage
One DK Full donor or Full t15 Can Rape with 2 Spells ... So Strong  Not Funny 

there will be good if u guys Buff Mage and Priest pls 

Thank you all


I honestly agree with the fact that some classes should be buffed and some nerfed. However! Due to the fact that the priest donor gear is made the way it is, priest is completely designed around healing on this server. If you spec into full damage and have a healer on your team, this should not be an issue. You can do great damage.

Mages already do amazing damage, they're one of few classes that can defeat a good priest healer w/o much skill. "How?" you may ask, well this is due to deep freeze and silences, if the mage has pushed all of the healer's cooldowns and silences for 6 seconds into a deepfreeze the healer has a high chance of dying.

I wouldn't say any class is "super OP", I have seen plenty of DK's that perhaps do not perform at the same level as full donors or full T15 in terms of PvP and PvE. This goes for all of the classes you pointed out above.

Conclusion: How to balance out classes would both be with the help of community feedback and the developer's choices. It also comes down to individual skill on how you use your class. Are you using it to its maximum potential or not? If not, what can you do to improve it? - Improving your own performance can help you have a greater understanding that the class balance isn't as bad as it might seem like.

This is just a personal insight and I hope it helps from a Healers point of view.
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You Can say that but if you Try to duel vs a Full Donor DK
Only with Dots the DK will win the Duel cuz the Magic dmg is really OP well
a Warlock have Op Heal depends of it damage thats why a Lock can fight vs dk but is not enough

Hello, I can speak for the mages as I play one myself and so far I can tell you that I've never ran Into an issue with the balancing.

However priests we're extremely owerpowered back in the days and has been heavily nerfed and is a hard class to perfect.

Best regards, Pascals.

Just to inform you, we are working hard to balance classes, but it will take some time as there is a lot of adjusting to be done.
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