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Priest Renew broken after Dual weild

Hello. Xeroxxo ingame name here.

I just made me a priest on the server wielding 2x donor one handed staff

When i had just one staff, the Renew heal tick was working just wonderfully, but the moment I equipped the 2nd one (after farming golden dragons for quite some time) my renew became useless... No healing tick... So i'm completely defenceless suddenly.

Please look into this failure as soon as possible, thank you,. Exclamation

Hello Xeroxxo,

Thank you for the report. We will look into it there must be something capped in the stats. Im pretty sure with your progress in the gear tree this issue will disappear,  but still it will be checked. Using our bugtracker could speedup the things, please check it.

[Image: cropped_wnderland.jpg]


My own thesis is that there is indeed caps that are being hit. However, once you reach full donor gear, renew's instant heal along with HoTs will work again. *Note: I only have Critical Strike Damage % gems on at the time, it does go up way higher than this.
[Image: M05kCNj.png]

This being my stats with full donor:
[Image: AQ59ki7.png]


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