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New, Stuck on updating :(

Hello fellow wow heads! I'm attempting to play; downloaded the WoW torrent file via your website, tried to jump into account and it sticks on 0% updating :Sads there something i'm doing wrong? I just tried admin mode too.

Nevermind I figured it out! I read the other peoples problems with similar issues.
I made an account for the forums (I remember reading somewhere saying they are the same as accounts in game) but that is false, so i just made and account lets see if it works!

Hello Curheis,

First of all welcome to the UW community.

After the client is downloaded  login with the account which you created in our website (not forums). Make sure you are using account name and password not Email and password.
Please keep us in touch with how this is going.
Have fun

[Image: cropped_wnderland.jpg]

Sorry I am dumb xD I logged in the other day and since then I have been enjoying it, thank you for the awesome work!

Hello Curheis,

Always welcome.
Have fun!

[Image: cropped_wnderland.jpg]

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