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Question about Dungeons

So, I was looking to get back into WoW (only a little, little bit) because i wanted to do dungeons like, Karazhan without having to do any prior leveling etc. (with already good gear so its easy and quick enough) But coming on to this server, i'm not sure that's possible? I played the game for a while before, even got a to be a GM for a while, but never got to experience the dungeons when properly scripted as i only played private servers, which look like they have become much more stable over the years.

If i can't do it on this server, would someone direct me to another in PM? Would be very much appreciated.

Hello Comrade,

Most of our instances/dungeons are locked due to new content coming and we are working on them.
Unfortunately, i don't think this is the correct place to ask for another servers. Please try using google or other search platforms to help yourself.

Thank you

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