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Dropping the N word harder than Nagazaki.

Greetings! Well let's keep this short and simple.

I asked a question about VIP, well a couple of them in world chat. Raphael was among them whom "tried" to answer it. But he was being rather toxic about it, giving out wrong "information", he simply lied about it. Ghostlymage then gave me the right info, and somehow Raphael kept typing and got angrier with every word he used. I called him a sensitive SJW snowflake, which I think is hilarious, he raged, got really mad, and here's what he did, picture will show it all.

Character name: Raphael

Proof link:

Additional information: Nothing special, just that people need to try better to keep their shit together. I mean we're all playing this game because of a common interest. No need to get this angry.

Hello Imbanationz,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. Thank you for reporting this.

Have fun.

[Image: cropped_wnderland.jpg]

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