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How Moderators can improve the gameplay!

it will be awesome if you add auto loot option without clicking on each corpse,or AOE loot. For better type a srypt for any pet, and when the pet is summoned he will go to loot Instead of the player.

Yes please!

Some sort of companion or pet that loots the mobs for you would actually be really cool. Would like to see it if possible.

Something like that will never happen.
Noone on the current Staff team has skills to script that.

Auto loot option was talked about in the past, but we have decided not to implement such a feature, it is a fun server, but not everything should be easy to farm.

We currently have a developer, which is working on some of the improvements, there was a previous developer that was working on some of the so called "changes", but he made more mistakes then he helped the community. So we are now taking things step by step.


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