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Tier 14: The Blood Furnace

Dear members,

The staff here at Unlimited-WoW would like to bring you a present. Time well spent on our newest content.
The Blood Furnace will hold the newest Tier Set to come. T14. Release date is October 31st.

A special halloween gift for our players. This /is/ a solo-able content, but keep in mind that this may be tough even for the most experienced adventurers.

The Story ...

Magtheridon’s cries of anger and rage towards Illidan shake the very foundation of the citadel, but his power cannot break the magic woven by Illidan and his generals. The Blood Furnace seats itself above the prison of Magtheridon. Even its walls seem sick as a ghastly green fel energy seems to linger within the halls.

The blood of the pit lord Magtheridon corrupts. The blood of chaos warps those within into fel creatures, but they are not perfect. Abominations who rose above the rest would be put into spots of power because they enjoyed hearing the screams of the tortured and dying.

One fel orc already vile and too corrupted would be the final stone to the furnace of Magtheridon’s blood.He alone kept the prison locked and blood flowing from the walls and floor. Are there any heroes who are willing to step up and stop the corruption before it’s too late? Will the army of fel rise again to pillage and rip the world asunder?
Answer the call heroes! Save the realm from the corruption threatening to spill out of the citadel.

[Image: Wo_WScrn_Shot_101517_170503.jpg]
Look how the corruption gathers round them and warps their minds, bodies, and souls.

[Image: Wo_WScrn_Shot_101517_170608.jpg]
Welcome to the hall of The Maker. This abomination enjoys heinous experiments to see what kind of creation will come from the corruption.

[Image: Wo_WScrn_Shot_101517_170722.jpg]
The room of The Destroyer. This minion of Keli’dan enjoys torturing and ripping to shreds the failed experiments and saving the parts for further use.

[Image: Wo_WScrn_Shot_101517_170806.jpg]

The final boss for this adventure is the jailer himself, Keli’dan the Breaker. He can bend the will of Magtheridon and keep him locked away. What can you expect from a fight with him?

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