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Warrior fix

hello i am making this thread in hopes that i am heard on Warriors behalf when it comes to pvp.

We have such an disadvantage when it comes to pvp as none of our moves work to remove Stuns.. not even human Racial.

there are a few other things id like to see fixed as well and i will edit or post below a list of the things i find Smile


Can vouch, I have a warrior and the stun removals dont work aswell as the gnome racial.

I have some issues I have come across as well. While some are obvious through out every private server, some are based solely here.

1. Charge path is broken in many areas (falling through the earth; having to reboot the game to revive)).

2. In a PvE setting, our Blood Craze is not working since our resilience is above 100%, monsters cannot crit us, thus not procing our Blood Craze effect. This also applies to pvp as well. Second wind however, does work.

3. I'm not sure if this is intended, but I'll mention it. Is our Heroic Leap not being able to use on monsters, intentional?

That is all I have for right now. Almost have my shield upgraded to legendary, so Ill mess around with protection's abilities.

Well i see quite a few of u posted things i was going to post Tongue ill post other stuff i find

Resilience doesn't work on monster and is thus useless in PvE, on the other hand your high defense rating from the level + protection talent tree and any other defense rating on gear will make you immune to crits from monsters.

Tanks had to be defense capped in wotlk to not get critically hit by bosses.

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