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[DENIED] Banned Account


My account was banned yesturday evening for cheating, though i didn't do anything?? I was in Black Tempest farming when I jumping stopped working and made me float instead like i was swimming but on land. I didn't know what was wrong and just started to float around exploring. Made it to the platform over Mall, where there was fruit i collected (guess that's how u found me) where I got kicked out and banned. 

Please, I've supported the game by donating a few weeks ago and would never cheat, heck, i haven't even gotten addons. 
Unified, you talked with me 2 days ago to help me out starting my own guild, which I made to help new players in the game etc. I would never cheat and would be more then happy if there's anything that can lower the chance of the server glitching me out resulting in a ban. 
Because that's basically what happened, the server glitched and made me fload, which as a bit annoying really when in BT, I didn't even abbuse the float for stairs quest. 
I play the game for PVE, the instances/farming, so the PVP-tokens don't even help me. 

Please write me back atleast, love this server really, thanks alot! 

Character who "cheated": Riss, t14 Druid. VIP activated.

You're banned for another 13 days, in the future, don't abuse bugs.

Appeal Denied.
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