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How to Obtain Gems/Enchants.

Hey guys its me again!

Something that i didnt include in my previous post was how to obtain Custom Gems/Enchants. Custom Gems/Enchants would idealy be a better use at end game content due to the fact that you will be swapping you gear like no tomorrow!

How to obtain Gems.

Custom Gems are obtained by teleporting to Custom Zone>Daily Quest Zone. From here you want to turn around and follow the bridge along to the beach. On the beach will be alot of pirates stood there ready to drop Gem Rock's for you in order to purchase Gems at the Mall!

How to obtain Enchants.
This brings me onto how to get daily master tokens, you must first get Daily tokens these can be obtained by killing pirates at the daily zone, once you have 25, head over to the NPC with the quest and you will recieve 1 Daily master token. Then you are able to exchange them for 5 Daily Master Tokens for 1 enchant.

Hope you are enjoying my posts guys!

Ingame name: Cybrex Big Grin

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