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Future Event Suggestions.

Hey guys! Its Ethereal here, Was just wondering if you could throw me some suggestions for future events for you guys!

Please avoid suggesting PVP events as people within the server do not have equal gear.

Hope to see all your suggestions! All will be noted and discussed with the team!

Enjoy your stay here guys!


Suggestion for Event.

Labyrinth event, where you go around in certain area with closed off wall and you have to find your way to the end, with lots of dead ends and bit tight closed big walls so no1 can use above camera to cheat. At the end of the labyrinth there will be either manualy GM to add items. Or There can be a chest with stuff and/or Quest that gives you stuff if you want this automaticly.

Hide N Seek Event. Where you gatherer alot players to certain area where players search for a certain quest item or item that is spawned in that particular area or NPC that gives a item. Which is well hidden, Or you can mass spawn same NPC but only a few gives that item. In the end of event you present that item to gm or quest to get event items

Best Regards Vynadra

Noggenfoggen elixir event: where all players are summoned and are frozen. when the gm calls out their name there is a vendor infront of them and they buy noggenfoggen elixir. They jump out of a rock and if they get feather they continue if they dont get it they are elimniated. And the process is reset until a winner.
PVP EVENT: where players are gathered there could be different types:
1- an 1 vs all( where players fight for themselves if 1 teams up they're instantly disqualified.)
2- 10 vs 10( depending on players ofcourse) - where players are split in 2 teams and they fight together, heal each other and the winning team gets a reward.
3- 1 vs 1 event (where the gear is equally made and you have to buy lets say starter gear.)
4 - 2vs2 event (where gear once again is the same for everybody.

long time ago xD made up some events...

there are smokes on the ingenier...

get 3 colors...
then summon all people in shairs,,, or to sit around you...

this is a /say chat...


you must trow just one smoke... colored

and everyone should say what color it is...
they cant REPEAT or Change answer....

they can do a macro... if they dont lag...
spamming more than 3 times... its anoying so if anyone spam the answer more than 3 times... its out

then if the color was green

and everyone say greenfor example

GM: droped green smoke...
player8:where am i

player 8 and player 4 are out and send them to mall

GM: droped smoke...
player1: white
player2: white
player3: white
player5: white
player6: white
player7: white

player 7 was the last to call color... hes out...

GM: droped blue smoke
player1: white
player2: white
player3: white
player5: blue
player6: white
...player3: blueeeeeee

player 5 win....

if there are in event more than 20 people can be a little hard... so you can invite people till fill up a raid of 25... so you can say there are no more slots...

and or redo event o change subject lol

you can make a quest to kill an npc... that doesnt exist in world
they have to kill it... and the quest its?yellowmark...
end quest and get a token named gm token gift

there you can hide a mob of specific and unique name...(an invented mob,.id.)
and whoever kills the target get the reward...
mob can be one hit.. so anyone can kill it...
and can be on flying areas

this ... its for the people who always lairclaiming for that...

no token.. no claim xD


Thank you for the suggestions!
Don't hesitate to post more idéas, we will take it all into consideration.

i call it the FOOTBALL...

its simple but not everyone Gets it...

so the way to do it its the next

GM -event must ... get morp of a ball... can be sparcles... can be aura... or even a Box item... the one whit blue and white sqares must be small as a ball... ingame
have a loth of HP to survive and to not move during the gameplay..

you can use a field to put 1 pedestals... like where the ball (gm) should pass

so posible morps are
.morph 27036 = sphere
.morph 4 = Blue Box

ok next thing... make teams from 3 -vs- 3...
users must create a druid... and just get the spell Typhone.... the one that push you... i thoug theres a glyp that makes the spell faster CD....

so the next thing the balls in the middle of a FIELD... whit FFA area-zone on- the 6 players of each team must be on a team... so they battle only vs the GM.... and they got not push even if they are horde or aliance... (best place Nagrand arena)

the teams start by using Thyphone... at same time or diferent time... making the GM Bounces,,, from side to side...the strategy its to hit after the counter team push...
or push the Ball (gm) to a side instead of going front making they waste their pushing ...

but remind that some players always want to kill or do stuff thats out of control.. so tell them if they want to watch ... to be sure not to use skills

this game can be done also as DK.... using the letal atraction... but remind that .. it takes a loth of coldown...
and chamm... also takes a loth of cd to use the thunder thing

so thats why druids are good on this game....

Hey i thought of a new event idea: i call this "The Hunger Games Mode"

So basically what this event is, is that everyone spawns in a field area without loot and is naked basically, no gear, no weapons, nothing. Or maybe starter gear.

As u explore being a fellow survivor u come across chests that u have to loot that give u various amounts of loot, or potions that can help u survive in the late game as you encounter more and more survivors.

Then players have to kill each other until there is one last person remaining in the match.


This can work in a variety of ways including teams of two's or solo depending on the GM's decision

also if chests dont work, spawning in easy to kill bosses that drop loot works too

Pinned the thread, feel free to post future event suggestions here as well.
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The only events we really need are boosted weekends
2x loot
2x honor
2x arena
Discount NPC (sells current available items at discounted rates)

You can literally rotate this every week e.g week 1 - loot, week 2 - honor etc etc

Other events should be spontaneous such as a gm kill event with the gm having insane HP / defence and killer gets a prize and things along those line. (gm gets to use things such as mass fear mass knockback just to add to the chaos)
personal favourite was Hide and Seek -
GM hides - gives riddles to players in world chat to help them find him (generally wow lore related or world related riddles)

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