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DK's Spell Crit Chance

Hello there!

I have noticed that my T13 DK has 8% Spell Critical Chance, this cause me to rarely crit with death coil and some more spells. I've noticed that T13 trinkets/rings/neck/back have "Melee Critical Strike Rating" meanwhile, VIP Melee trinket/ring has "Critical Strike Rating". (Keep in mind, i don't know if this is the only reason to this problem)

I've talked to two DKs both being Donors, haven't found a non-donor with better gear than me, (since i found this situation), they both had over 100% crit chance. 

I'm making this post to find out if i get more crit as i get better than t13 gear, or if it's just lacking from items haha

Greetings Radiate

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