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Hit rating is TOOO much on Donor Sigil and regular gear.

I'm assuming the melee hit cap is 31k(not sure though). But lets say you were to donate for only Donor two hander x2 and a Donor Sigil, you will go way over Hit cap returning your hit percentage to 0.00% basically rendering your DK useless as you'll be missing every hit. As far as i know every gear set for DK's other than Donor set has hit rating on it. This absolutely needs to be changed, i spend 24$USD on a Donor Sigil and cant even use it to play the game. Donor Sigil has 8.8k hit rating. Thats 8.8k of the 31k Hit rating you're able to have before you get dropped down to 0.00% hit rating, just from the Donor Sigil.

Hello and thank you for the report. This will be forwarded to our Developers. #Locked.

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