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Death knight bug thread

Since theres no bug report sub forum I will just post all the bugs I find for death knights in this thread.

Army of the dead - Ghouls have appropriate health but do no damage.

Icebound Fortitude - Not able to use while stunned, also makes you take 1 damage from all sources (I believe because it scales off additional defenses)

Blood worms - They heal for about 400 hp and aggro on everything. They should heal for more which would help the death knights survivability. They also deal no damage.

T13 - is exactly the same as the paladins, the set bonus provides no bonus

Will update when I find more.

+++ upup pestilence dont work, frost strike also dont work ghoul do miserable damage is useless,same the gargoyle, aoe dmg comparated @warrior is a sh.t on dk!

Pestilence is working, just use the one that doesn't deal impact-damage Wink
Frost strike is disabled due to balancing issues.
The rest i have no information and no input on, so i wont mention those.


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