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Druids and their unmodded spells

I started playing here roughly a week ago as a Druid. The class is fine (and amazing to solo with) - however, there are number of spells that sit in two camps:

a) Their numbers and values are unmodified from normal WotLK-levels which renders them useless
b) Their numbers have been modified but not at all to the point where they are useful.

From what I can tell, these are the spells;

1a - Thorns
From what I can tell this spell is not altered from WotLK. I have never seen a thorns hit deal more than 600 damage. Not 600k damage, just 600 damage. This spell is beyond useless at this point, which is quite sad since it originally has some degree of use in both PvE and PvP

2a - Demoralizing Roar
This spell is also unmodified, as its debuff only decreases AP by 576. From (very shallow) research a WotLK warrior with full heroic ICC25 + SM Had around 6k AP, meaning that this spell roughly reduced a BiS geared PvE warriors' AP by 7-8 percent. I'm not sure what kind of AP numbers a max geared warrior has here, but using this rough math the spell should lower the AP by atleast a few million points.

1b - Tigers' Fury
In it's current state it increases the damage done by 35000 (Which I'm not sure it even does as a quick tour to the training dummies showed it had no damage increase at all?). It's useless and deserves a buff (or a fix to begin with)

2b - Mark of the Wild
Same thing here - it's buffed from its original 3.3.5a state but not at all enough. I guess you could argue that there's a risk in buffing it as all players have access to the ability via the Buffer NPC but if that's the case then just buff Gift of the Wild instead. Literally, the buffs that MotW gives me is like a fraction of a percentage of my total stats

Fixing these spells would make Druids a bit more fun. It's boring to know that you have a laundry list of spells to avoid in your spellbook since they literally have no effect on you or the gameplay.

You guys said you wanted feedback - well? Can any developer respond to this post, commenting if what I presented is valid arguments for change or not? Or just anything

Any minor improvement, as incremental as it might seem, helps druids not just be PvE farm slaves for their other characters but a more viable spec in PvP environments

Thank you for the feedback.

(12-06-2018, 09:09 PM)Preikar Wrote: Thank you for the feedback.

So you basically said "Thank you for the feedback." and do absolutely nothing about it? Since 2018?

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