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dual grip ting...

just to mention  many players ask me if they are able to use dual staff...

and today some one confirmed that ... doesnt work on mage... so just to tell everyone dont fall on that mistake


The thing with Staves is that they can't be dual wielded if they are Two-handed weapons, even if you have Titans grip it wont work.
You must wait until the Staff becomes 1 handed before you can dual wield them, this goes for all classes that use staves and not just mage.


Just to confirm:
The only staves which are 2hand (you can't dual wield) are the Tier 13 (Legendary) staves. That means you will have to live with just 1xT13 staff and something else (Like golden gladiator staff) till you hit T14. From there all staves are 1hand and can be dual wielded.
Titan's Grip is not needed to use 2x staves.

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