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Paladins/warrior/dks PVP

Hello you guys should really take in consideration to nerf those classes in pvp. They are too broken and op. Even if they are without donor gear. And makes other classes looks like rats.
For example warriors should not proc all the 3 enrages x each talents because that's does stack and they have 30% dmg only from a stupid talent.
Paladins seals should do way less damage and judgement heal need to be nerfed and they benefit too much from spellpower

Dk's They benefit too much from spellpower and all their magical damage are broken in so many ways. Simply can be fixed by disabling the talent that gives spellpower x strenght talent that can be found on the unholy three talent

thats realy not nessensary...
Paladin is already nerfed as hell and warr too
Instead please nerf hunters and priests they are waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy tooo op

i mean look at the perfect example Flameburst<<<
way too much cc + dps and even a bubble thats not do able -_-

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