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Black Temple Suggestion

Make the tokens to drops for the whole party, instead players to roll for them. It already takes insane time to kill mobs/bosses, the tokens shouldn't be rollable?

Or if the tokens remain rollable then remove mobs 99% dmg reduction.

If you compare T18 to T17 and previous instances, it's the only instance where you can get gear straight off the bosses, it'd be unreasonable to have the difficulty be less or equal to previous tiers while this amazing benefit is active.

It is true that this does not apply to weapons but what's the point in having multiple tier instances if you can get the best possible gear in less than an hour?
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Doing black temple is super depressing, even with 10 players, killing mobs take up to 5 minutes. I am never ever going to spend that many hours in doing boring content for 5% more stats, which wont do anything against donors, if i could get set equal to donor hp and damage wise and the content was taking that long i would swallow everything and do it, because i know that this set is going to allow me to match the donors. Anyways...
Removing the barrier from mobs will allow people to group the mobs until the bosses and AoE them down, it will still take alot of grinding, but at least it is going to be doable and no longer that boring.

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