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[DENIED] Banned Appeal

Account name: best4me
Reason of Ban: Dual Boxing, Hacking
First and foremost I know what I did was wrong and unforgivable, but please here me out of my reason why I did it.
The reason why I did it was mainly to help other players have some of their items, I did not do it for my own sake. As i have noticed when I played Unlimited WoW server,it was on July of 2019, there are only less people that are playing for some don't want to have party with new players and don't want to help them, I was there when I can't do anything with other instances and make it nearly impossible to finish. But luckily one in game friend of mine gave me mats to became alot better. And when the time comes that I have all the t18 equipment still the game lacks people to do Battlegrounds which is the main fun of the game.
So i tried to help other players and telling them to do Battlegrounds as to make the server alive and can encourage lots of new players, the more the merrier isn't it?
You can ask the player on Unlimited WoW to whom I helped them alot and not doing it for my own sake.

Hoping for your kind consideration. And I promise it wont happen again. My intention was good but I know what I did was wrong.
Thank you and Godbless.
You can check my ip address all the time to see if I did it again.
Hoping to play Unlimited WoW until I can.

Sincerely apologizing,

Additional Information:
I can give you my IP address for you to check it fast.
Hoping for your fast reply. Thank you

You tried so hard to hide what you did from us, required alot of work to find proof, even though we knew for a while.

Appeal Denied.
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