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Nova Guild Recruitment!

Hey guys! It's me again! So the thing is, i've decided to create my own guild! 

By Building this guild i intend to create a mature, humorous and friendly guild.

Over the past couple of weeks, i have met many friendly people during my time on this server and i thought, why not make a guild to have them all in one place!

I intend to host guild events, not yet knowing the prizes for the Winner's etc.

Lets get ready for the upcoming content and be ready for any other things added into the game.

Requirements for the guild!
  • Must have a general knowledge of the server, how it works etc.
  • Must be an active player.
  • Must contribute to the guild bank with mats etc.
Rules of the Guild!
  • Be helpful, nice and understanding.
  • No greifing/abusing fellow players.
  • Only take from the Guild Bank what you need, if you need it for an alt, log your alt and ask an Officer or myself.

Ingame Name: Unholy.

Best guild ever! Daily events, nice guild bank, friendly and helpful people! <3 IT!

Even tho im in another guild i still think this guild sounds great and wish you and your guild members all the luck!
[Image: wRu879g.png]

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