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[DENIED] Unban (speed)hacking

Account name: chonkz
Reason of ban: hacking

Dear Admins, with this post I want to apply for an unban and try to explain my situation.
After a long break of world of warcraft, I logged into my account and wanted to play. I was farming some mats, but it felt very slow for me(at that time full T16 Item Set). So I decided to speed up the process by flying to every boss and killing it, since the boss gives the most amout of mats. It didn't take a long time when I finally got punished for my behaviour. Obviously there is no excuse for cheating but I still want to apologise to all the players and admins for doing so, things can not be changed.
Until T16 I farmed my gear legitimately and I didnt use any third party programms and as a long time member of the community, I would like to appy for an unban.
No matter what the decision will be, I will have to live with the consequences of my acting.

With best regards,

As of right now, you will not be unbanned.

Appeal Denied.
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