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[DENIED] hack use

Hello, first of all, I wanted to apologize for having used the hack, I am really sorry, it was not my intention, I did it unintentionally and curiously since I was testing the hack, I will not use it again, please, I have already been more than 8 months since my prohibition and I would really like to play the server again .. I beg you to unlock it please "I thank you for your understanding and I hope you agree to my request" Many thanks and blessings to all ... I would like to play the server again Heart

My account is: MARYENI123
character: (NOMAME)

Hello alexiss19933,

The  account provided by you is not banned for hacking. It used to be, but only for 7 days. Few months after that it was suspended for insulting a member of staff team.
The account is banned permanently and it will not be unbanned. The rules are written clearly, please re-read them and follow them in future. Thank you.


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