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DP not received

Hello.i donated using MOBIANO.I have 3 tranzactions.First 2 were ok,the third one was succsessful but i cannot see my DP in User Panel.I have received confirmation email,and the money appear deducted in my Phone bill,but i cant see the DP.I have read an in game ticket but no one answered.Paymentwall Receipt number is w204873670.Can someone give my DP pls.Thx

We will investigate and let you know what happened. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for your reply.Î am lookîng forward for a soluțion to this problem.
Munteanu Ioan

Well pretty forward 3 days later nothing happend.Thinking  abouț donating for The Shield...not gonna  happend.Îts not abouț The money...but Îts a simple thing to fix,and yet 3 days later..Î Still dont have My staff

Please reopen the ticket, you do not have to spam the forums. There is also discord channel where you can PM any of us.

ÃŽ have reopened a ticket..No one answered..Now what?

Your going to get an answer, please be patient!
Unified, Guardian of the forums and purger of spammers.
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Ok...î honestly dont Know îf someone îș trolling me or what...î Still dont have My damn dp...please dont reply With:have patience.i belive i had enough.keep The damn DP în dont want them.

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