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Banappeal for Gnome

Account name:feelock098
Reason of ban:tphacking

So i start slowly..

I started playing 3 weeks ago i think something like that.

I got fast into the server system and got hooked by blood crystals because they are the most valuable item on here everyone want them so i got a farm route that get me 6k bc an hour legit!

So i started to gettin the richest guy on here (blood crystals) and farmed the whole day with my route...  

and today someone told me he do 20-30 k bc an hour so i started calculating and ended up that this is impossible so i thought about how he does that and got into tphacking and tried it out to calculate to know if hes cheating... and the end is i got caught :Sad
i really love my account and got in just 2 weeks over 4 days playtime on only one char... 

I really hope we can talk about that ban and i promise i never do that again! 
it was just as i said for calculation and not for profit .... 

Greetings from Gnome of Gnomeregan!

Well, you've donated for VIP and all.
Keep in mind that your next ban is going to be longer than usual, if not permanent.

Appeal Accepted.
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