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Unified's Guide to Gear Progression.

This guide is always going to be updated to the latest tier!

Some good to know information before you start gearing up:
1. You can reset your instances by typing ".i u all". You have to be outside the instance to do this, it may sometimes be required to run the command twice for the instance to properly reset.

2. You can obtain Gem Rock(s) by going to the Daily Quest Zone, you can find it by going to Custom Zone followed by Daily Quest Zone, these Gem Rocks can then be turned in to gems by talking to the vendor named "Custom Gems".

3. While farming the Gem Rocks you're also going to get Daily Master Token(s) you can use these to buy custom enchants from the vendor called "Custom Enchants". He is located in the same building as the "Custom Gems" NPC.

4. Some classes may be interested in using two weapons at once, to do this, use the teleporter to travel to the Golden Phoenix Zone where you can kill phoenixes to obtain Golden Phoenix Element(s) these can be turned in for Mini Token(s) which can in turn be turned in for Spell Token(s) that are used as currency for the "Scroll of Dual Wield" (2x One-handed weapons) and "Scroll of Titan's Grip" (2x Two-handed weapons). Keep in mind that you cannot use two, two-handed staves or polearms. Dual wield is also required to use Titan's Grip.

Starting out!
As a fresh character, begin by:
1. Buying Graccu's Mince Meat Fruitcake, Scroll of Berserk and a Hearthstone from the Currency vendor. Make sure that the buffs, "Experienced" and "Berserk", given from the Scroll of Berserk are active at all times as these are very important in making sure you do as much damage as possible.

2. Buying your starter gear of choice from the vendor called "Starter Gear 255", this gear will be replaced once you head into the tier system, though you won't be able to kill anything without it.

3. Speaking to the "Trainer" and selecting "Aprender Spells!" to learn your basic class spells, you can train further ranks by visiting your class specific located in the mall.

[Image: 8kvW8vp.png]

Tier 1
Razorfen Kraul:

Weapon Parts
Armor Parts

Ragefire Chasm:
Armor Parts
Weapon Parts

If you're missing Harvested Souls, you can obtain these from the "Gold and Silver pig instance" located under "Custom Zone" in the teleporter menu.

Tier 2
Onyxia's Lair

Black Souls
Pirate Gold
Lost Amethyst

Off-Set Items Such as Rings, Trinkets, Necklaces, Shirts and Tabards are Dropped by the Boss.

Tier 3

Element Zone:
(Custom Zone then Element Zone)
Fire Element
Nature Element
Water Element
Metal Element
Fire to Metal Weapons

Shadowfang Keep:
Super Weapon Token
Super Armor Token
Shadowfang Keep Token
50.000 Demon Heads Coupon
Bronze Weapons
(Note: Get your weapon to golden quality by first upgrading it to silver, then gold, the quests for this are given in the mall. See T12 for more info.)
Keep in mind that the Flash Sword cannot be upgrades as of right now, get another weapon while we fix this.

The Forge of Souls:
Silver Dust
Radiant Emerald
Unholy Emblem

Tier 4
Pit of Saron:

Radiant Emerald
Unholy Emblem
Silver Dust
Radiant Diamond

Tier 5
Scarlet Monastary:

Radiant Primal Might
Pirate Gold

Tier 6

Primal Might
Weapon Parts
Armor Parts
Unholy Emblem
Pirate Gold

Tier 7

Note: All instances past this point require a key to enter, this can be obtained from a quest in the mall. The materials needed for the Gundrak key and future keys can be obtained from the Gold and Silver Pig Instance located under "Custom Zone" in the teleporter menu.
Gundrak Token
Super Weapon Token
Super Armor Token

Tier 8-11

Super Weapon Token
Super Armor Token
Zul'Aman Token
Pvp Upgrade Token I (Bosses only)
Pvp Upgrade Token II (Bosses only)
Pvp Upgrade Token III (Bosses only)

Vault of Archavon
Off-set items such as rings and trinkets drop from the bosses here.

Tier 12
Upgrade Vote Mark - Costs 500 Honor, 100 Prena Points or 5 Vote Points
Purchased from the "Special items" NPC or at ""

It would be wise to head to the "Daily Quest Zone", located under "Custom Zone" in the teleport menu as there are quests here that reward honor, this is useful when it comes to buying the Upgrade Vote Mark(s) in-game for honor points.

Gruul's Lair:
Weapon Upgrade Token
Gruul's Lair Token
Gruul's Lair Tabard (First Boss Only)
Gruul's Lair Bag (Last Boss Only)
High King Maulgar Head (First Boss Only)
Warlord Destryoer Dragonblight Head (Last Boss Only)
Diamond Tier Weapons (Quests) - Requires Golden weapons obtainable by quests in the mall, materials for these can be found
by using the teleporter NPC and selecting "Custom Zone", then "Gold and Silver Pig Instance".
Keep in mind that the Diamond Gladiator's Melee Shield cannot be upgraded past Diamond.

Tier 13
The Arcatraz:

Legendary Token
T13 Token (Used to upgrade your armor from T12 to T13.)
Tier 13 Weapon Upgrade Token (Last boss only)
The Tier 13 Weapon Upgrade Token is used to upgrade weapons From T13 to T14.

Tier 14
The Blood Furnace:

Blood Crystal
T14 Off Set Token - Self explanatory in regards to what this is used for.
Mark of Blood (Last boss only)
The Mark of Blood is for the T15 key.

Keep in mind that Tier 14 Armor cannot be enchanted as of right now, this issue only applies to Tier 14, other tiers work perfectly fine.

Tier 15
Note: There are no weapons at this tier.
The Culling of Stratholme:
Unholy Token

Tier 16
The Nexus:

Azure Death's Medallion

Tier 17
Molten core:

Molten Death's Medallion

Tier 18
The Black Temple:

Black Temple Medallion

Tier 19
Tempest Keep:

Tempest's Death Medallion

Tier 20 -

Bloodcaller's Death Medallion
Bloodcaller Armor (Drops from every boss)
Bloodcaller Forged Off-Sets Items such as Rings, Trinkets, Necklaces, Shirts and Tabards. (Drops from non-bosses)
Weapons (Obtained by a questgiver at the start of the instance)

If you notice any mistakes, or need any help, feel free to send me a private message on discord. My username is Unified#0001 you can also join the server by clicking here.

Thanks to:
Instincts for proofreading.
Halru for some info.
Belerick for reminding me of the importance of Scroll of Berserk.
Unified, Guardian of the forums and purger of spammers.
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Good list. Very in depth of what we need to find and do <3 Good job Smile

awesome thread. very helpfull for all the beginner.

should add ingame like a go visit forum begginer tabs announce

(03-09-2020, 04:42 PM)bilbou Wrote: awesome thread. very helpfull for all the beginner.

should add ingame like a go visit forum begginer tabs announce

I'd like to add some more visual elements to the guide first, images for example.
Unified, Guardian of the forums and purger of spammers.
[Image: LxyN2fA.png]

Very in depth, well explained. Couldn't see much change other than visuals and maybe amount of each needed?


maybe add the .maxskill at beginning. i know it autobroadcast in game but it took me 2 days before someone told me haha

Haha, silly. Wink
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