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[DENIED] Can reduce please ?

Account name (s): temp123 , hellboyz , dunkz
Reason of Ban: Multi-boxing and farming t19 offsets
Explanation: My friend told me to farm like this and he said they won't ban you and 3 -5 players doing like it so I did it, and I don't know multiboxing was bannable because other players even when 3x GMs are online, multi box on TK but do nothing with him.
Additional information: First of all, GMs are nice on this server I know, The reason I abuse bug was that there are not a lot time for me to play on the night time because my time zone is +5:30 and when people starts raiding, it is way too late for  me and I had raid for about 15 times but it was hard to get the offsets.
 And lastly - One or more other players getting banned for 3 days doing the same but I don't know why I got banned( Maybe 14 days ). So I beg you to please unban me or reduce the time if possible to 5 days ?

Listen to GMs instead of your friends. (Tip, read the rules.)

Appeal Denied.
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