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[DENIED] Racism

Hey, Im drtony the warrior.
I've been in this server for almost a month, i had too many problems since i joined, and to be honest i probably am the most hated player on the server.
Well i do understand and im working on being a better player, but today and to be specific 10 minutes ago ive been banned for 7 days by the game master Aphelios for an unknown reason!! He thins that ive been talking racism in the world. 
The whole idea is that I have been wondering why someone would even being such a racist on an online game, all i said in the world is the (N) word after i saw some other player typed it. (Btw i was online for like 1 minute)
What i said or typed may be against the rules and regulations, but may i ask for an appeal specially that the t20 is being released tomorrow, i don't want to be way behind.
Thank you in advance. Heart

You cannot appeal temporary bans.

Appeal Denied.
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