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Gearing Guide

Unlimited-WoW Starter Guide
Starting Out

When you first log into the server after creating your character you will be greeted by several NPCs and vendors. The first things you need to do to make your life easier on the server are.
  1. Type the command .maxskill
  2. Assign your Talents
  3. Talk to the Starter Gear 255 vendor and equip yourself. Be sure to purchase a Hearthstone if you do not have one.
  4. Talk to the Trainer Npc.
  5. Talk to the Currency vendor and purchase class required items along with on Graccu's Mince Meat Fruit Cake.
  6. Talk to the Special Items Vendor and buy 1 Scroll of Berserk and 1 Mini Teleporter.
  7. Make this macro: /s .i u all this will reset dungeons for you so you can repeat them.

Now its time to begin the journey towards end game. Summon the Mini Teleporter. For your first destination click on "Custom Instances" and then the first option "Razorfen Kraul Armor (Tier 1)".

Tier 1

Once you teleport you will will see a quest giver and an instance portal. The quests give you armor but require materials to finish. The materials drop in the dungeon and you will need the following:

Per Piece:
50 Emerald
5 Armor Parts

400 Emerald
40 Armor Parts

Tier 2

To get the next tier of armor you will need to use the teleporter again. Click "Custom Instances" and then "Onxyia's Lair (Tier 2)". Repeat Tier 1 and get the quests and materials from the dungeon. 
Onxyia drops offset pieces.

Per Piece:
200 Lost Amethyst

200 Black Souls
200 Pirate Gold
Tier 1 Armor Piece

1,600 Lost Amethyst
1,600 Black Souls
1,600 Pirate Gold

Here is a link to a guide on how to get the element weapons you will need to progress further.
Element Weapon Guide

Per weapon total:
800 Fire Element
900 Nature Element
300 Water Element
400 Metal Element

Tier 3

Teleport to "Custom Instances" "PoS Pure Evil (Tier 3&4). There will be two quest givers in this area, go to the one that gives the Silver Gladiator's quests. You will be using the portal near this NPC.

Per Piece:
300 Radiant Emerald
300 Harvested Soul
300 Armor Parts
Bronze Armor Piece

2,400 Radiant Emerald
2,400 Harvested Soul
2,400 Armor Parts

Tier 4

Once you finish your Tier 3 set you will need to cross the room outside the dungeon and pick up the Tier 4 Golden Gladiator's quests. Enter the dungeon next to the quest giver.

Per Piece:
300 Radiant Diamond
300 Harvested Soul
300 Armor Parts
Silver Armor Piece

2,400 Radiant Diamond
2,400 Harvested Soul
2,400 Armor Parts

Bronze, Silver, and Golden Weapons

The next dungeon can give some difficulty so you may need to upgrade your weapons before trying it. Your first stop will be "Custom Instance" "Shadowfang Keep (Tier 3 Weapons). You will need to take the quest "Destroyer of Wolfs" the reward for this quest "Soul Fragment" will be needed later so make sure you keep it.

Per Weapon:
500 Radiant Diamonds
500 Shadowfang Keep Token
500 Super Weapon Token
500 Lost Amethyst
500 50,000 Demon Head Coupons
Metal Element Weapon

Once you have your Bronze weapons you will then need to teleport to "Custom Zones" "Silver Zone". There will be a small silver pig with quests. Take these quests and begin killing the nearby Silver Pigs to obtain Silver Dust.

Per Weapon:
4,000 Silver Dust
2,000 Harvested Souls

Bronze Weapon

Once you finish the silver zone teleport to "Custom Zone" "Golden Zone" and repeat the process with the golden pigs. You will come back to these zones later for more materials.

Per Weapon:
10,000 Golden Gladiator's Feather
Silver Weapon

Tier 5

Teleport to "Custom Instance" "Monastery (Tier 5)
complete the quests.

Per Piece:
350 Pirate Gold
350 Radiant Primal Might
Gold Armor Piece

2,800 Pirate Gold
2,800 Radiant Primal Might

Tier 6

Teleport to "Custom Instance" "Deadmines (Tier 6)
and take the quests.

Per Piece:
500 Primal Might
500 Armor Parts
500 Unholy Emblem
Diamond Armor Piece

4,000 Primal Might
4,000 Armor Parts
4,000 Unholy Emblem

Tier 7

For this dungeon you will need to complete a Key quest from the quest giver in the mall. She is located in the mall near the weapon masters.

Grab the Gundrak Key quest and head to the "Silver Zone" and "Golden Zone" to collect the materials. You will need the following:
2,500 Silver Dust
2,500 Golden Gladiator's Feather

Teleport to "Custom Instances" "Gundrak (Tier 7). This instance can be difficult and the quickest way to get the materials you need is to kill the passive snakes in the first boss room. They drop the same loot as other mobs but can be pulled one at a time if needed. Kill the first boss and go outside and reset the dungeon. The boss drops offset pieces.

Per Piece:
1,000 Gundrak Token
1,000 Super Armor Token
Master Armor Piece

8,000 Gundrak Token
8,000 Super Armor Token

Tier 8

To enter this dungeon you will need to complete the VoA and Zul'Aman Key quests from the Key Quest NPC.

VoA Key:
5,000 Silver Dust
5,000 Golden Gladiator's Feather
Gundrak Key

Zul'Aman Key:
15,000 Silver Dust
15,000 Golden Gladiator's Feather
Gundrak Key
VoA Key

Once you have your keys you can enter the dungeon and gather materials. The best path is to follow the right side of the dungeon there are 3 bosses that drop loot. The first is Nalorakk once you kill him if you run back down the stairs and go right he will spawn one more time, kill him and then go left down the stairs. Jan'Alai is next kill him quickly or he spawns a bunch of dragonhawks. The last boss that drops loot is Hex Lord Malacrass, there are actually two copies of him in the room. Aggro both or one will evade if you kill it before pulling the other.

This dungeon covers Tier 8-11. Will need the following materials to upgrade:

Tier 8:
Per Piece:

1,000 Zul'Aman Token
1,000 Super Armor Token
Rhodium Armor Piece

8,000 Zul'Aman Token
8,000 Super Armor Token

Tier 9:
PvP Upgrade Token I x8
Artifact Armor Piece

Tier 10:
PvP Upgrade Token II x8
Saphire I Armor Piece

Tier 11:
PvP Upgrade Token III x8
Saphire II Armor Piece

The vendors for the armor upgrades are in the mall at the bottom of the hill near the dock. Look for a circle of pink haired gnomes.

Tier 12

The items required for Tier 12 can be obtained two ways. The first is voting on the website and purchasing Upgrade Vote Mark from the item store. The second way is to purchace them from the special items vendor in the mall for 12,000 honor or 600 arena points.

Gruul's Lair (Tier 12 Offset and Weapons)

Once you get your Tier 12 armor its time for another key quest from the key quest vendor. The materials required to complete this key are as follows:

10,000 Silver Dust
10,000 Golden Gladiator's Feather
Gundrak Key
VoA Key
Zul'Aman Key

Once you have the key head to "Custom Instance" "Gruul's Lair (Tier 12)". There are three quest givers and a vendor outside the dungeon. take your weapon quests and all of the quests from the far right quest giver. All of the bag quests can be completed at once. 
Offset tokens and Grand tokens:
Off Set Token Quest can be repeated and you will need to do it 6 times to complete all of your off set.
Warlord Destroyer Dragonblight Head Quest can be repeated also and you need to complete it 6 times.
The first boss drops the High King Maulgar Head, you will need 6 of these.
Once you have 6 of each head go to the vendor outside the instance and Buy 3 Grand Token. Do not buy Grand Token II.

Per Weapon:
40,000 Weapon Upgrade Token
40,000 Gruul's Lair Token
1 Grand Token
5,000 Super Weapon Token
Golden Weapon

Per Off Set:
10,000 Weapon Upgrade Token
10,000 Gruul's lair Token
1 Off Set Token

180,000 Gruul's Lair Token
180,000 Weapon Upgrade Token
15,000 Super Weapon Token
3 Grand Token
6 Off Set Token

Tier 13

This dungeon requires another key quest, so go pick up the Arcatraz Key quest from the key quest giver. 
The materials are:
10,000 Silver Dust

10,000 Golden Gladiator's Feather
2,000 Gruul's Lair Token
Gruul's Lair Key

Once you have the key head to "Custom Instances" "Arcatraz (Tier 13)". Head inside the dungeon and you will see a bunch of quest givers, head to the left side and talk to the spider bot for your weapon quests. Then find your class appropriate quest giver. 

Per Weapon:
500 Legendary Token
Diamond Weapon

1,500 Legendary Token

The bosses will drop tokens for armor upgrades one for each item slot. You will need to collect them to upgrade your armor set, no other materials are needed for the armor upgrades.

Off Set Pieces drop from the final boss Kil'Jaeden along with T13 Weapon Upgrade Token. Collect three of these tokens you will need them in the next tier.

Tier 14

Once you gather your materials and items from T13 you will need to grab the Blood Furnace Key quest from the Key Quest Giver.

This Dungeon is the most dangerous so far. Felguards will drop a gas cloud that does massive amounts of damage as a dot. The Warlocks drop a small circle that increases shadow damage taken which increases the gas cloud damage. Shamans silence the whole group. Those are the biggest dangers for new players entering this dungeon.

25,000 Silver Dust

25,000 Golden Gladiator's Feather
3,000 Legendary Token
Arcatraz Key

After obtaining the key you may enter the dungeon. Inside you will find quest givers for every class. 

Per Armor Piece: 
1,000 Blood Crystal
T13 Piece

Per Offset: 
750 Blood Crystal
T14 Off Set Token
T13 Piece

14,000 Blood Crystal
8 T14 Off Set Token

The last thing you will need to do here is complete the quest "Destroyer's Mark of Blood". This quest gives you Mass Resurrection and one class specific ability. There are two versions find the one with your class listed in the rewards. This is where the Soul Fragment from Shadowfang Keep comes in as it is one of the required materials. The last material drops from the final boss of Blood Furnace.

Items needed:
2,500 Blood Crystal
1 Soul Fragment
3 Mark of Blood

Thank you for reading this guide and I hope you enjoy the server! 

Special Thanks:
Excelled, Hugeballz, and our guild 

Editing Tip Thanks:
From Sinora with love.

Good guide, +1

Will be posting T14 and Buffs tomorrow.
From Sinora with love.

Really well written guide!
I believe this will really help the community. +1

nice guide +1

Great guide so far, ive been following it basically step by step. There is one issue i have found as a newbie. The line

PvP Token Accessory can be purchased in the mall for 5,000 honor. The vendor is located near the vendors for Tier 8-12. He is the small tauren near them.

Its great, if i knew where the tier 8-12 vendors where. I eventually found it, but i cant find one thing close to another if i dont know where any of it is.

This guide needs an edit

Thanks for the guide! Any chance anyone can make one for T14-T16? Currently in T13 and Blood Furnace is such a block.... Wondering if I need all 16K blood crystals to progress; ak need full tier and offset T14 to progress to T15 etc. Curious whats most efficient to get. Undecided

thx bruh!

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