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Weapon Upgrade Guide

I've seen ALOT of people getting the wrong weapon and have to start all over when they get to a point they cannot pass for the class/weapon skill they have. So I've made a list that will take a weapon from "T2" all the way up to "T13". Showing what every weapon gets turned into and if it's something for you to go after. 

It's going to be a LONG list, but let's get started!

How and where do I obtain these weapons?
Elemental Zone - [Lost Fire Element...1-3] 900 Fire element -->   [Pure Naturel...1-3] 900 Nature Element -->  [Water Element...] 300 Water Element -->  [Metal Element...] 400 Metal Element
Shadowfang Keep - [Bronze Gladiator's....] 500 Radiant Diamind, 500 Shadowfang Keep Token, 500 Lost Amethyst, 500 50.00 Demon Head Coupon, Previous tier weapon
Silver Zone - [Silver Gladiator's...] 4000 Silver Dust, 2800 Harvested Soul, Previous tier weapon
Golden Zone - [Golden Gladiator's...] 9000 Golden Gladiator's Feather and Previous tier weapon
Gruul's Lair - [Diamond Gladiator's...] 40.000 Weapon Upgrade Token, 40.000 Gruul's Lair Token, 5000 Super Weapon Token, 1 Grand Token and Previous tier weapon
The Arcatraz - [Legendary Gladiator's...] 500 Legendary Token and Previous tier weapon.

But let's get started with the weapon list. 


[Metal Element Shield]   Off hand Shield
[Bronze Gladiator's Shield]    Off hand Shield
[Silver Gladiator's Shield]   Off hand Shield
[Golden Gladiator's Shield]   Off hand Shield
[Diamond Gladiator's Melee Shield]   Off hand Shield DO NOT GET THIS ONE
NONE!!!!!!! Can't upgrade beyond this point
But also
[Diamond Gladiator's Spell Shield]   Off hand Shield
[Legendary Gladiator's Forged Spell Shield]   Off hand Shield

2-Handed Weapons

These weapons are 1-Handed to start with.

[Metal Element War Sword]   Main hand Sword
[Bronze Gladiator's War Sword]           Main hand Sword
[Metal Element Deadly Sword]             Off hand Sword
[Bronze Gladiator's Deadly Sword]   Off hand Sword

Turns into Two-Handed weapons from now on!!

[Silver Gladiator's Two-Handed Axe ]   Two Handed Axe
[Golden Gladiator's Two-Handed Axe ]   Two Handed Axe
[Diamond Gladiator's Double Axe]   Two Handed Axe
[Legendary Gladiator's Shadowmourne]      Two Handed Axe

[Silver Gladiator's Two-Handed Mace ]         Two Handed Mace
[Golden Gladiator's Two-Handed Mace ]   Two Handed Mace
[Diamond Gladiator's Heavy Mace]   Two Handed Mace
[Legendary Gladiator's Justice Mace]   Two Handed Mace

[Silver Gladiator's Two-Handed sword ]    Two Handed Sword
[Golden Gladiator's Two-Handed Sword ]   Two Handed Sword
[Diamond Gladiator's Claymore]   Two Handed Sword
[Legendary Gladiator's Forged Destroyer]   Two Handed Sword


[Metal Element Bow]   Ranged Bow
[Bronze Gladiator's Bow]   Ranged Bow

These two is needed to continue build on the ranged weapons below


[Silver Gladiator's Bow]    Ranged Bow Hunter/Rogue only
[Golden Gladiator's Bow ]   Ranged Bow
[Diamond Gladiator's Bow]   Ranged Bow
[Legendary Gladiator's Golden LongBow]   Ranged Bow

[Silver Gladiator's Thrown ]   Throw Throw
[Golden Gladiator's Thrown ]   Throw Throw
[Diamond Gladiator's Thrown]   Throw Throw
[Legendary Gladiator's Forged Thrown]   Throw Throw

[Silver Gladiator's Wand ]   Ranged Wand
[Golden Gladiator's Wand ]   Ranged Wand
[Diamond Gladiator's Terror Wand]   Ranged Wand
[Legendary Gladiator's Forged Wand]   Ranged Wand

Flash Sword (DO NEVER PICK THIS QUEST) One-Handed Sword

[Metal Element Flash Sword]   One hand Sword
[Bronze Gladiator's Flash Sword]   One hand Sword
NONE!!!!!!! This weapon can't be upgraded beyond this point

Sanctum Sword

[Metal Element Sanctum Sword]   One hand Sword
[Bronze Gladiator's Sanctum Sword]   One hand Sword
[Silver Gladiator's Sword ]   One hand Sword
[Golden Gladiator's Sword ]   One hand Sword
[Diamond Gladiator's Quickblade (Main-Hand)]   One hand Sword
[Legendary Gladiator's Forged Thunderfury (Main-Hand)]   One hand Sword
[Diamond Gladiator's Quickblade (Off-Hand)]   Off-Hand Sword 
[Legendary Gladiator's Forged Thunderfury (Off-Hand)]   Off-Hand Sword 

One-Handed Axe

[Metal Element Slayer Axe]   One handed Axe
[Bronze Gladiator's Slayer Axe]   One handed Axe
[Silver Gladiator's Axe]   One handed Axe
[Golden Gladiator's Axe ]   One handed Axe
[Diamond Gladiator's Cleaver]   One handed Axe
[Legendary Gladiator's Soul Harvester]   One handed Axe

One-Handed Mace

[Metal Element Slayer Mace]   One handed Mace
[Bronze Gladiator's Slayer Mace]    One handed Mace
[Silver Gladiator's Mace]   One handed Mace
[Golden Gladiator's Mace ]   One handed Mace
[Diamond Gladiator's Hammer]    One handed Mace
[Legendary Gladiator's Forged Hammer]   One handed Mace


[Metal Element Slayer Dagger]   One hand Dagger
[Bronze Gladiator's Slayer Dagger]   One hand Dagger
[Silver Gladiator's Dagger]   One hand Dagger
[Golden Gladiator's Dagger ]   One hand Dagger
[Diamond Gladiator's Shiv]    One hand Dagger Only Rogue
[Legendary Gladiator's Forged Shiv]    One hand Dagger Only Rogue

Main-Hand Fist Weapon

Well.. Ain't much to say on this one since you cant even get past 
 [Lost Fire Element Claw Left III] Does not exist at vendor

Off-Hand Fist weapon

This weapon will get you both a main-hand and a off-hand fist weapon at the later stages of the quests

[Metal Element Claw Right]   Off hand Fist Weapon
[Bronze Gladiator's Claw Right]   Off hand Fist Weapon
[Silver Gladiator's Fist]   One hand Fist Weapon
[Golden Gladiator's Fist ]    One hand Fist Weapon
[Diamond Gladiator's Right-Fist]    Main-hand Fist Weapon
[Legendary Gladiator's Forged Right-Fist]    Main-hand Fist Weapon
[Diamond Gladiator's Left-Fist]   Off-hand Fist Weapon
[Legendary Gladiator's Forged Left-Fist]   Off-hand Fist Weapon


[Metal Element Doomsday]   Main hand Staff
[Bronze Gladiator's Doomsday]   Main hand Staff
[Silver Gladiator's Staff]    One handed Staff
[Golden Gladiator's Spell/Ferall staff ]   One handed Staff

Here a split comes where you can continue to build on alot of diffrent weapons

[Diamond Gladiator's Spell Staff]   One handed Staff
[Legendary Gladiator's Insane Guardian]   One handed Staff

Spell Dagger
[Diamond Gladiator's Spell Dagger]   One handed Dagger
[Legendary Gladiator's Forged Dagger]   One handed Dagger

Two-handed  Mace Only Druid 
[Diamond Gladiator's Mace of Eternity]    Two-handed  Mace Only Druid 
[Legendary Gladiator's Feral Mace]    Two-handed  Mace Only Druid 

One- Handed Sword for Paladin only
[Diamond Gladiator's Spellblade]    One Hand Sword Only Paladin   
[Legendary Gladiator's Mystic's Blade]    One Hand Sword Only Paladin   

Off-Hand axe
[Diamond Gladiator's Spell Off-Hand]   Off-hand axe
[Legendary Gladiator's Golden Doombringer]   Off-hand axe

Hopefully this is helpfull to someone and saves them from re-farming weapons Smile

If you see anything wrong in this guide please let me know and I will fix it ASAP!

Great guide! +1

Perhaps a GM could take a look at this and change stuff up, like remove stuff that leads to nothing. Perhaps change the system were you need 2x 1h to get 1x 2h..
It's reeeeally confusing for new players. Another suggestion is to pin these usefull guides on the website and/or make a guidebook in-game!

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